Connect With Your Child

A joyful learning experience for children to explore through nature, senses, play, and art expression while promoting mindfulness, independence and creativity!

  • Engaging Hands on Activities

  • Nature Exploration

  • Mindfulness Building Tools

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • Creative Expression Through Art

  • Practical Cooking Lessons

  • Meaningful Kindness Deeds

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Wholesome Curriculum

Nurture your child’s natural love of discovery and curiosity so you can become your child’s greatest teacher.


  • What age is this curriculum geared towards?

    A Love to Learn curriculum is for children ages 2-4. The hands on learning activities can be adjusted to suit your child's appropriate level.

  • How many weeks are included?

    This curriculum includes 20 full weeks of engaging activities. Each week has 3 activities laid out for each day of the week.

  • What is the theme of each week?

    Each week's theme is based on a material. For example, balloons, toothpicks, play-dough, or dirt. Other curriculums use many materials throughout each week which can make it pricey. However, A Love to Learn's curriculum focuses on the same material each week in fun, meaningful, and interesting ways.

  • What supplies do I need?

    Every five weeks there is a page with materials listed for each week. And on top of each week, the supplies are also listed. The supplies are easy to find in many stores and are reused throughout the curriculum so it is best to put everything in a bin.